Updates from Wes White and Keith McHenry & a hefty FLASHBACK TO February 23, 1996 featuring Marijuana Activist PebblesTrippet; Show Airs 101.3 FM & freakradio.org Sunday morning 9:30 AM 8-6-17

This Sunday’s show features

       …a look back at the Hiroshima mass murders in 1945
…Copwatch/Skidmark Bob on Shameless Sheriffs in the Beachflats and other Cop Misadventures
       ...Courage in Court from Marijuana Activist Pebbles Trippet
      …A Lookback at the River St. Refugees from Dragonsheart Dan Hopkins and Shannon
      …FNB Co-Founder “Katzenjammer” Keith McHenry on the 1996 San Francisco Food Not Bombs Struggle
…A Direct Report from Iber City, Florida’s Free Radio
…and more…
Contact 575-770-3377 to volunteer different kinds of support for the Survival Sleepers now dispersed to the Post Office and points along Pacific Avenue  and support Food Not Bombs locally and those whose only resting place is an illegal piece of sidewalk.

Leave your comments and questions at the same number.   $500 reward for any info leading to Free Radio’s finding a 10′ X 10′  studio space for Free Radio Santa Cruz to rent in Santa Cruz.

The complete version of the December 6, 2009 flashbacks can be found athttp://huffsantacruz.org/lost/F%20BB%202-23-96.mp3 & http://huffsantacruz.org/lost/F%20BB%202-23-96%202.mp3


Later in the day after the show has aired, the Sunday 8-6 show also streams at www.freakradio.organd archives at http://radiolibre.org/brb/brb170806.mp3

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