Video Chatter and Activist Action

NOTES FROM NORSE:  The Community TV show below followed a 2 hour shmooze-and-chatter Forum in downtown Santa Cruz featuring Robert Aguirre, survivor and organizer of the San Jose homeless Jungle, Keith McHenry Food Not Bombs activist and Blue Box Sidewalk Artist, as well as visiting attorney Tristia Baumann of the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty.

This Sunday I’ll be playing for FRSC, some of the Freedom Sleepers forum that preceded the tv time.  Lots of gabble, but some of it interesting.  Unfortunately no activism plans for specific actions during the coldest “holiday” season of the year at either the Forum or the Talking Heads tv-show.     Audio of the show will air at 101.3 FM and shortly after 9:30 AM on 12-20.  It’ll archive soon after at

We didn’t have it together to access  homeless folks to present to Baumann  to join in a lawsuit against the City’s Sleeping Ban–which Beauman’s organization is reportedly interested in doing.  But if you know of anyone living outside who’d like to participate in a long overdue lawsuit against the City, contact Steve Pleich at 831-466-6078.

Local Attorney Jonathan Gettleman–otherwise not terribly helpful in defense of Freedom Sleepers recently–has written a great attack on the City’s “No RV Parking Anywhere At Night” law which goes into effect on 1-8-16.  He’s told me he’s looking for RV dwellers who’d like to be plaintiffs in his lawsuit against the ordinance.  If you or someone you know lives in an RV, call  him at 831-427-2658 .

Meanwhile some of us have been supporting and other actually attending the ongoing Freedom SleepOut’s at the sidewalk outside City Hall every Tuesday night.  Number #23 happened last night with San Jose Freestreamer Toby Nixon leading the charge.   Number #24 will be coming up on December 22nd.  Toby asks for blankets, tarps, visits, food, and other support.   For info and support, contact him at 408-582-4152.

HUFF meets today at 11 AM at the Sub Rosa Cafe downtown to find more ways of pushing back the Black Tide of Bigotry threatening to freeze out the poor this winter.  If you can’t make or can’t tolerate the meetings and want to do more than read grim reports, contact me by e-mail at or call in at 831-423-4833.

Homeless Depot/Camp of Last Resort Activist Phil Posner hears rumors that former Mayor Don Lane may actually hitch up his pants and put abolition of the Sleeping and Blanket Bans on an agenda sometime a month or two down the road.  Support Phil’s hope-ish efforts at .

To contact the clowns on the Santa Cruz City Council, leave them a strong message to support Lane’s rumored action and other actions ending criminalization of the homeless contact the whole Council at 831-420-5020 or get on their cases individually:

420-5023:  David Terrazas   420-5022:  Don Lane    420-5024: Pamela Comstock    420-5025:  Richelle Niroyan     420-5026:  Cynthia Chase

420-5027:  Mayor Cynthia Mathews   420-5028: Micah Posner


Warming Center organizer and homeless video journalist Brent Adams claims he has organized the places and spaces, but doesn’t have the necessary number of volunteers.  See if you’d like to support his “baby steps” program further at .

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs continues to brave withering and weathering each Saturday and Sunday providing food to dozens of hungry folks outside in a public area where poverty is visible.  They are desperately short of cooks and food preparers.  Offer help or get information at .

Freedom Sleepers are hoping to gather next Tuesday at the Red Church (LIncoln and Cedar) at 5:30 PM before Freedom SleepOut #24 to plot and plan.   Join the conspiracy.      If you see Jesus or Mayor Mathews on the on the road, invite them as well.

Tip of the hat to Ken Knobler and the crew down at CTV as well as to Silver-Haired Steve Pleich for getting the show together.  Now how about a regular weekly show updated the frosty situation for homeless folks this winter?

VFTV 121315 Defending Homeless Rights

VFTV 121315 Homeless
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