17th Annual Homelessness Marathon


Free Radio will be streaming and broadcasting the Marathon, Tuesday starting at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. at freakradio.org and 101.3 FM.

> Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 13:45:22 -0500
> From: radio@lightlink.com
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> Subject: 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon
> The 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon is set to air. If you’ve never seen or
> heard it, it is, literally, like no other broadcast in the world (except for
> our daughter broadcast, the Canadian Homelessness Marathon). This is the world
> turned upside down and looked at from the perspective of the
> poorest-of-the-poor, and featuring their voices as they speak for themselves.
> The broadcast will start tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th) at 7p.m., eastern time,
> and it will run for fourteen hours until 9a.m., eastern time, on Wednesday the
> 18th.
> A list of stations where it can be heard, all or in part, may be found here:
> http://news.homelessnessmarathon.org/2008/09/where-to-listen.html
> (check local listings for exact hours of carriage).
> The entire broadcast will be televised on Free Speech Television’s website at
> http://www.freespeech.org.
> And from 1-5a.m., eastern time, on the morning of Wednesday the 18th, the
> broadcast will also be televised on channel 9415 of the Dish Network and
> Channel 348 on DirecTV.
> A schedule of the topics to be covered may be found here:
> http://news.homelessnessmarathon.org/2008/08/broadcast-schedule.html
> (but bear in mind that this is a live broadcast that is always full of
> unscheduled twists and turns).
> This is not a charity event or a pity party. Homeless advocates have been
> warning for decades that the same economic factors causing homelessness would
> affect more affluent Americans too. Now that just about everybody in America
> is struggling, maybe it’s time to learn what the poor have known all along.
> The great secret about homeless people isn’t the percentage that are mentally
> ill or addicted. It’s that almost all of them are American citizens. The
> government should not be in the business of demonizing whole classes of
> people, herding them around like cattle and jailing them for the crime of
> being poor just like in Dickens’ time. But nonetheless, we’ve created a
> society where there is no legal place to be free, once you’ve lost your
> housing.
> For this broadcast, we’ll focus on the criminalization of homelessness,
> and remember, the number one thing that homeless people say is, “I never
> thought it could happen to me.” If you don’t want it happening to YOU,
> tune in.
> Jeremy Weir Alderson
> director, Homelessness Marathon

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