HUFF in Winter resumes its Koffee Klatching 11 AM 703 Pacific Sub Rosa 2-18

HUFF scurries to find out who’s being Stay-Away-ed under the new Drive-Em-Away-Without-Benefit-of-Trial law as well as discussing the Right to Rest bill and protests, the ever-looming attacks on Encampments, the Stay Away Lawsuit,  those pesky Mosquito noise-making devices designed to drive away homeless “pests”, Recycling Ripoff–the City’s Latest Theft from the Homeless & the Community, & More–all doused in hot coffee or a beverage of your choosing!!

Be sure to catch the homelessness marathon on 101.3 FM ( and other stations around the country, running from 4 PM  PST Tuesday 11-17 to 6 AM Wednesday 11-18.

Free Radio Santa Cruz will also have a session with Steve “Posturepedic” Pleich with possible long-distance call-in’s on the Right to Rest, the Camp of Last Resort, & Stay-Away’s.   6-8 PM Thursday at 101.3 FM and  Call-in 427-3772.