Another Wednesday, Another dual Conscience and Action Meeting–Sub Rosa Cafe 703 Pacific, Next to the bike Church 11 AM (HUFF starts at noon)


  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items; 
  • Updates: 1220 River St. Campground Access; Shelter Shutdown; Bathrooms
  • RV Defense, 2nd Press Conference, Mills Packing with the Punks
  • Monday June 3rd Westside Neighbors 5-7 PM meeting at SCPD Community Rm
  • Elise’s “Coffee First” Proposal
  • City Council Follow-Up;
  • Leopold Meeting 5:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Mountain Mike’s Pizza, 3715 Portola Drive
  • Krohn/Glover Recall Response
  • June 29th Action Organizing & Follow-Up
  • Using the Volunteer Lists for Homeless Union Solidarity ?  Copwatch?  New “Give a Shit” Bathroom Work?   RV Support?
  • Lawsuit Report; Union of the Homeless Report; Prince Contact?
  • Jail Food Strike Update
  • Needle Exchange Support for Harm Reduction Coalition–Public Debate Update
  • Our Infraction Public Records Request; City Council Agenda Process: Next City Council Agenda Deadline; Drew Phone Contact 
  • Abuses at Red Church’s Monday Meal; Jack’s Discrimination: Report
    FRSC 7 PM Saturn Café Tonight;  Tabby Cat Elise City Council Obstruction Meeting 1 PM Thursday (?)  

Video:  Brent’s Positive River St. Camp Reports:

For HUFFsters

  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Further Action on C & A Items
  • Street Reports
  • Organizing Campside Connections & Ross Camp Removal Fallout Situation
  • Jack’s Restaurant Discrimination Research
  • Crackdown on RV’s at Safeway and Elsewhere; Recent Fliers
  • RV Attacks & “Reforms” in Other Cities—Local Updates
  • Small Action on Budget Cutting
  • No May 28th or June 3 Supes Meetings;
  • Denver Homeless Voter Defeat and Homeless Response There
  • SNAIL Update on Campus RV/Vehicle Struggle
  • May 28 City Council Agenda Item Legal Changes: Glover Intern Meeting Friday 5 PM;  Glover Phone Call; Brown Act Complaint Clarification

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