As the Struggle to Save Ross and Establish Decent Rights and Services Continues: Conscience & Action at 11 AM; HUFF at noon: All at the Sub Rose Wednesday February 20

Conscience and Action meets at 11 AM; HUFF meets at noon; times are flexible.  Both meetings are open.

Agenda Suggestions for 2-20


  • Update on Proposed Garage Protest Camp, Connection Tent at Ross, Ross Contacts
  • Update on Council Retreat, Latest Council Communications, Relevant Public Records
  • (No) Update on Bathroom Advances
  • Truth Squad Activity to Counter City Staff Lies About Available Ross Alternatives
  • Council Procedure Changes Proposed?  Action at the Next Council from the Audience
  • Wresting the $10 million from poverty pimps:  Report on the HEAP, HAP, or COC HQ.
  • Restoring rights of & safe parking for folks whose homes are on wheels: Other Cities
  • Meeting with Martin the Mangler– suspend ticketing under Sleeping Ban-type laws.
  • Emergency laundry and shower access for the broader homeless community and Ross.
  • Action targeting a real estate profiteer in conjunction with tenant organizations
  • Organizing mass support for the upcoming February 26 meeting at City Council around students, immigrants, elderly, differently-abled, and youth groups and an attempt to reverse the February 12th Demolition of the Camp Decision.


    For HUFFsters

  • Ross Camp Support and Situation Update
  • Possible state Union of the Homeless meet with Organizer & Attorney Anthony Prince
  • RV living elsewhere; polling and research with Cynthia and Alicia here.
  • Update on Berkeley activists defending People’s Park against new attacks.
  • Council Reform and Public Records: Current Situation, Future Goals: what the audience can do, between-council activism,
  • Tenants in Trouble—demanding real data from the Task Farce, organizing with students, renters, elderly, disabled groups to establish mutual power and solidarity.
  • Connections and Union of the Homeless Outreach to Campers in and out of Ross
  • Homeless (Lack of) Service Center Update–Changes or More of the Same: an Examination of the latest answers from workers inside.
  • Library Situation: New and Old
  • SCPD: demanding revelation of surveillance devices throughout the City, police records on use of force, selective enforcement, racial profiling.  Protests to open the property room during regular SCPD hours daily.
  • MHCAN:  A New Regime with a new Executive Director?  What changes now?
In addition, Councilmember Cummings sent this letter to Conscience and Action members:
On Mon, Feb 18, 2019, 10:05 PM Justin Cummings <> wrote:
Hello Rabi Posner and members of Conscience and Action,

First I would like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I have been down to the camp in the past few days and from what I have seen, it appears that things are moving much slower than what was suggested by staff.  What we hope to accomplish with providing beds and shelter for homeless people and the reality of getting to the point where we can do so is often very challenging and can take more time than we anticipate.  Given the pace at which we are moving, I am not confident that we will be able to provide enough shelter for our homeless population by the proposed closure date of the Ross camp and will recommend that we not close the camp until we have a clear feasible plan to do so with the least amount of negative impact.
This week we will be having another homeless 2×2 committee meeting where I will be raising these concerns with the county supervisors, and both county and city staff.  I will express to them the concerns of the community and inform them about how the March closure will not be productive and be detrimental to our community.  My hope is that we will be able to come to consensus and if not, we will be able to appropriately address these concerns at the next city council meeting. Thank you all for your hard work, concern and for reaching out to me.
Kind regards,
Justin Cummings