Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 10-28-21 show netcasts and archives at 6 PM: After the Rain–Hard Headed and Heart-Rending Analysis from Folks Outside

Net problems have made the usual 6 p.m. show problematic.  

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ON THIS 10-28-21 SHOW:
At the Food Not Bombs 10-25 meal with Travel-a-lot Terry, Muttering Max, Judicious James, Dreadeye, Cacklin’ Cooper, Portuguese Terry, and others

Benchlands Survivor–Rain-soaked Crystal

The Dancing Fox Dances on Pacific Avenue Urging Freedom for Beach Campers

Joseph–Quartz Craftsman Vending for Joy and Profit

Guestgreeter Garrett of FNB

Jailweary Jake Eitel–a brief interview

Dreamcatcher and Razor Ray dissect gentrification in Santa Cruz

And more from David Rovics throughout!