Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 10-9-22 streams at and will archive shortly after at 9:30 AM-3 PM More Demolishing on 10-5; Phase 5 Crushing coming 9 a.m. Tuesday 10-11 Flashback to October 13, 2011

To join, support, or witness the Resistance to the elimination of a functioning community check in at Food Not Bombs meals or go directly to the Benchlands.  You may also get more info through the Union of the Homeless at 831-431-7766.   The deadline for the latest (Phase 5] eviction was reported in the Santa Cruz Sentinel  as Wednesday noon October 11th  at 9 a.m.

Bring friends, photo equipment, and vehicles if you have them to help those who wish to move, and support those who plan to stay.  Or simply to show your disapproval, outrage, and/or disgust with the City’s false narrative and damaging actions.

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TODAY’S 10-9-22 SHOW includes:

10-3  Elise, Keith, Paul, Greg, Gloria, and others continue discussing of how to support Benchlands pending the 10-5 demolition and future sweeps.
International Protests and Ring-Around-the-Parliament to free Julian Assange
“Scope it Out” Scott Graham on the 10-11 City Council Agenda and the Hypocritical Santa Cruz History of Homeless Persecution

Benchlands Troy and Activist Joy denounce the demolition of Phase 5 

Bathrobespierre blares out blame against the cop-led demolition; chats with Benchlands/Armory refugee Gary

City-paid Benchlands-breaker Jeremy Leonard’s side of the story.

Angry critic Joe gives a caustic appraisal of the City demolition.Biden’s Election-Eve marijuana”Pardons” leave tens of thousands in jail at

FLASHBACK to October 13, 2011:

Tufluv Laura Tucker on Capitola City Council’s attack on Mobile Home Rent Control
Remembering Sidewalk Shannon Casamo
[10-7-2011] Occupy Santa Cruz [OSC] Interviews

Prosecuting the “Sleepcrime” Activists under 647e

Bob Anderson, PeaceCamp2010 activist on his court battle and plea deal with 647e

Standing off the Sheriffs at the OSC nighttime protest
Denica De Foy, KRXA broadcaster supporting OSC

“Dead On” David Silva: OSC friction with the homeless

Casey Livinggood vs. Sheriff Hanson: OSC negotiations to maintain the protest continue

Bathrobespierre requests sheriffs follow the law