Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 12-27-20 show is archived at –Extensive San Lorenzo Camp Resistance Interviews & Commentary, Flashbacks to 1993

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XXX  12-20 More Bullhorning the Bad News at Badboy Bernal’s Suburban Hideaway–Tent City for the City Manager?

XXX  12-20 Chatting with “Comfortgiver” Cooper the Night Before the First Eviction Sweep at San Lorenzo

XXX  12-21 Rerunning the Police Sweeps with Shara, Joy, Bird of the Rooftops, Thomas, et. al.

XXX  12-21 Mourning the Madness at the Homeless Memorial (Counting the Dead at

XXX  12-25 Jawboning with Jimmy Two-Guns–Run Out of San Lorenzo a few days back

XXX  12-25 Christmas Day Sighs and Salutations from the Food Not Bombs meal with Julie Schaul, Garrett Stephens & More

XXX  12-26 Tabling Against Terrorism on Pacific Avenue: Talkin Tough Truths with Tony Mendanza, Zolli, Jean, and a bunch more

XXX  12-26 Update or Upchuck? –You be the Judge–with Katzenjammer Keith

FLASHBACK Flurries from 1993
XXX  March 9, 1993 the Coonerty-Rotkin Council Locks Out Homes-Not-Jails Protesters and other Activists
XXX  October 25, 1993  Surveying the State of the Struggle at People’s Park with William Anderson and Dave Nadel

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Act Locally or Regret Later 
Demand NO SWEEPS OF THE HOMELESS ENCAMPMENTS without real alternatives.

Join the groups listed below, and/or start your own support group to stop the continued “whack-a-mole” SCPD and Public Works “disappear the homeless” approach that now threatens their health & the broader Community’s as well. 

Volunteer for homeless civil rights or service programs that actually serve:  Food Not Bombs, Day/Night Storage, HUFF, SC Homeless Union, Your Allied Rapid Response (YARR), Sub Rosa Cafe, NOMAD and others mentioned on Instagram.  Join Black Lives Matter protests to demand funding community aid not police force, the end of homeless
harassment, and true community action to restore resources to all of us.