Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 2-19-23 show includes Flashback to July 29, 2010 Screaming Out Against Harassment; Troubled Townclock Talk; Flashback to PeaceCamp 2010 with a large cast of courageous characters

The 2-19-23 show includes:

The July 29, 2010 Flashback show includes:

  • Drum Circle devotees join PeaceCamp2010 protesters in front of the County Building: Skybear, Danny, & “First Amendment” Ed Frey
  • Bathrobespierre Reports on the Upcoming Sinister Sidewalk Singing Trial
  • More Drumbeats: Margaret, Peppertongue Pat Ring critiques PeaceCamp2010, Lito, Renee Curry, Curbhugger Chris, Orbit, and Sheriff chatter
  • Drum Circle Dave on the new “No Trespassing” signs at the “Demonstration Garden” hastily fenced off by the City along the Levee path.
  • A fragment of Uncle Dennis Davies’ “From the Cream to the Dregs” show, hosted by Louis La Fortune