Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 2-21-21 another long-show– streams 9:30 AM Interviews: Return of the Living Dead Camping Ordinance,–Scouring the Scum with Scope it Out Scott; Kitchenquest Flashback to 3-6-90

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xxx Tough-it-Out Tannery Tenant Coral Brune stands up to the John Stuart Company

xxx  Scouring the Scumladen Camping Ban Law with “Scope it Out” Scott Graham (text of the ordinance and staff reports at

xxx  Lay of the land at San Lorenzo with “Like me or Leave me” Lee-Ann

xxx  Badnews from the Boardwalk with Aaron Hosmer

xxx  Traveling Streethawker Angel Contrasts Arcata and Santa Cruz
xxx  Listening to the Latest at the 2-18 Thursday HUFFmeet

xxx  San Lorenzo Survival Camper Awl Denounces the “Mosquito” Noise Device at Wells Fargo

More details on all this history at the HUFF website’s Street Spirit  archives:

FLASHBACK FONDUE:  An hour-plus of dialogue with oldtime homeless activists on KZSC’s March 6, 1990 “Voices” show with “Freeheart” Fran Rizzo, “Calamity Jane” Imler, Linda “the Lark” Edwards,  “Bathrobespierre” Robert Norse, and more.