Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5-14-23 show netcasts & arcjhives features Reggie Meisler on the Coastal Commission’s bad OVO decision plus a 12-22-2011 Flashback contrasting two Cities–Fresno & Santa Cruz after Occupy Wall Street

The May 14. 2023 Show includes:

  • [More David Rovics musical history songs from May at website throughout]
  • An hour-long interview with Santa Cruz Cares activist Reggie Meisler on his experience at the May Coastal Commission hearing that upheld the repressive Oversized Vehicle Ordinance [OVO] and its implications and likely future.
  • Police close the Hiway 9 area to Free Radio Santa Cruz media with threats while driving away the destitute from the area near San Lorenzo river: Interviews with Officer Lima, J.P. Freeman, Jose, & John S., friends arrive to help folks move
  • Shelter information requests rejected by social workers Jeremy Leonard and Monica
  • Reviewing the Hiway 9 campsite demolition with Eagle, Robert Woodleaf, and Kazoo at the Food Not Bombs meal
  • Castaway Keith reports on $1000 tickets to Food Not Bombs in Houston, TX for serving outside the public library, City Council’s diversion of $250,000 for campsite removal; 

The December 22, 2011 Flashback features:

  • Critique of Mayor Don Lane’s sorrowful comments about the homeless while remaining silent on the destruction of scores of tents in the San Lorenzo homeless encampment adjacent to the Occupy Santa Cruz movement.
  • Bill Simon of Fresno, Spokesman for the John Steinbeck Homeless Advocacy Committee, speaking to a crowd of activists and sympathizers with the Faith community at a Press Conference in front of City Hall denouncing police destruction of homeless campsites. See ( Faith Groups Speak Out About the Homeless Issue)  affecting 200-500 homeless folks displaced. 
  • Bathrobespierre Robert contrasts Fresno events with recent similar anti-homeless actions in Santa Cruz.
  • George of Occupy Santa Cruz, video-poster on the protests downtown involving Tent Monsters, the Hamburgler, and massive police following.
  • Mayor Don Lane’s ostensibly pro-homeless speech, which Bathrobespierre Robert and Beggarbacker Becky Johnson, City Council watcher since 1995 contrast Lane’s words with his actions.