Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 7-17-22 archives delayed, however it will netcast at 9:30 AM until 3:30 p.m. today Downtown current interviews… flashback to 11-20-08

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On Today’s 7-17-22 Show :

  • “Bathrobespierre” Robert broods on the OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) outcome at the Coastal Commission
  • “Kindshoes” Kevin reports to the HUFF meeting on the “Safe Parking” Program
  •  Frustrated Felix reports on Library hassle for washing his face and arms in the restroom there after the removal of the portapotties and wash stations in the adjacent library parking lot.
  •  “Just Lookin’ On” Jim muses on the building changes downtown
  •  Factfinder Frog reports on SCPD evictions with no alternate shelter of outdoor survival sleepers from under the Water St. bridge.
  •   Marcus, Boston newcomer, has good things to say about Santa Cruz
  •   “Can’t get her down” Cooper has praise for Coyote Bob’s sidewalk cleaning work around the Town Clock
  •   “Rough Rhythms” Ryan on uneven downtown enforcement
  •   “Hot to Help” Helga gives a preliminary report from Felton

FLASHBACK   to November 30, 2008  

Flashback within a Flashback: January 16, 1990: Defending the Post Office Homeless Table with conflicting voices and symphonic screeching by “No Guns” Antoinette Radichi.  

Metro Transit Center protest (11-26-08) (cont.from   11-26 Jean Pirano on Spooky’s “leaking cup”problem and anti-homeless discrimination at Lulu Carpenter’s.  

Chris critiques “the homeless ban”–sleeping, blanket, and camping ban.  

11-26  Skippy:  Bubblegum wrapper dropped, cites for spitting in the rain, riding a bicycle wrong way in the rain, bragging by police of the 9 citations written in one hour by cops  

11-26  Tara and Aspen: on 5150 in Dominican, Rex & others on the latest Sentinel hate article; Melody seeking dating money; & more  

Venice Beach’s Peggy Lee Kennedy 11-15 food giveaway report

  Pebbles Trippet from Mendicino on Medical Marijuana Patients Board