Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 8-12-21 show netcasts at and archives around 6 PM at FLASHBACK to December 31, 2020–Right After the San Lorenzo Park Victory

If you wish, you can also hear this show (August 12, 2021–a Flashback to December 31, 2020) and other homeless civil rights shows at a time of your convenience.

Click on . Detailed descriptions are available at soon after the show is aired or archived. 

ON THE 12-31 SHOW :

xxx Many Moments at 2nd “Move ‘Em Out Monday” at San Lorenzo Park

xxx  Former Clownsil member Micah Posner at the Barricades

xxx  Pensive Pete Shanks Chats with Us

xxx  Pan, aka “Pussy” the Persistent, a Park resident, gives background.

xxx  Barbara of WILPF  Risks Arrest and Infection to Support the Park Defenders

xxx  Nick and the Wes White’s Salinas Union of the Homeless Contingent Make the Journey

xxx  Jailfreed Joshua Rios Praises the Occupation xxx  Police Create Tumult in the Park

xxx  “Panicfree” Pan & Others Address the Cops Blocking the Dakota Street

xxx  Another Black Victim of White Police: Columbus cop Adam Coy kills Andre Hill, holding a cellphone.