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BENCHLANDS RESISTANCE sponsored by SANTA CRUZ HOMELESS UNION, FOOD NOT BOMBS  [FNB] , and HUFF  will meet again Monday Aug 29 at 6 PM at the Resource Center for Non-Violence  (612 Ocean) to discuss Resistance Strategies , gather numbers, and consider the latest City Council calamity  as the  Summer ‘s End  and piecemeal demolition approaches.

In the past, SANTA CRUZ SHITTY COUNCIL  refused to fund or even permit independent low-barrier agreement or transitional camps, nor to fund FNB  or the Footbridge Services Program.  On August 23rd, it transferred $1 million in state funding for the Coral St. Safe Sleeping Program to “Benchlands Closure and Restoration”.

Call 575-770-3377  or 431-7766 to volunteer for the SC Homeless Union  or show up at the Monday 8-29 meeting and volunteer.  Still needed leadership and organizing help.  President Alicia Kuhl still takes concerns and complaints. 

On the Sunday 8-28-22 Show:  

+++ Voices of Anger and Solidarity: Chris, Garrett, Elise, & Greg at the Benchlands Resistance 8-22  

+++ Cob-on-Wood to be bulldozed bit by bit
+++ Reggie Meisler: After the defeat of the OVO (Oversized Vehicle Ordinance) what next?  

+++ Talk from the Town Clock (8-27), Tracy Halpert, Steve Enriquez, Lion, Dreamcatcher, & Cooper.  

+++  (8-15) Benchlands resident Robert Woodley–his skepticism on shelter offers by Jeremy Leonard, the City’s Homeless Minder
+++  (8-15) Curbhugger Chris Doyon aka Commander X on the betryal by the Mexican government after his podcast from the Benchlands a year ago.

[Songs throughout from Peggy Seeger and Phil Ochs]
Flashback to the 7-29-04 Show:  

+++ Saturday night (7-3-04 at Cooper & Pacific) with Joe Williams, strummer, campaigner, speaker  

+++ Police harassment of SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression) the previous Wednesday  

+++ Criticizing Democratic Party war enablers  

+++ SAFE event #26 (7-26) with Milliam and Mustafa, Phoenix the Harpist, Shrayah.  

+++  R.B. Hedenburg’s account of harassment at the 24 Hour Fitness Parking Lot, and he a paid customer!  

+++  NYPD cop fired for refusing to arrest a homeless man  

+++  Poet PP jumped by SC Highschoolers, hassled for street poetry reading  

+++  Factchecker Francis on the final City Council nails in the coffin of Clearview Court Rent Control