Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 9-4-22 is now archived at 9:30 AM-3 PM Benchlands Brainstorming with Elise, Keith, Mark, Manuel, etc. 5-15-05 Flashback: Tent University & More

On the Sunday September 4th Show:  

++++ Encounters on Pacific Avenue (8-31) Karen Coleman’s Caustic Concerns about District Elections, City Manager government, and Benchlands Baloney.
++++  Spitfire Sammy on surviving Keith and Cop consternation at FNB (8-31)
++++  Davida—Italian juggling and jawboning at the FNB meal (8-31) 
++++  Dreamcatcher gives thumbs-up to Jeremy, Benchlands & Shelter Manager  

++++  Bathrobespierre gives background to the latest Benchlands challenge and resistance.  

++++  Catch Up with their Caustic Plans: Katzenjammer Keith lays out likely alternatives
   ++++  Manuel on the Armory and the Overlook: Humiliating and Repressive  

++++   Elise, Greg, and Mark–Questions Without Answers

FLASHBACK to  the 5-15-2005 Show:  

++++   Battleweary Bob Patton, and Bashful Bernard Klitzner of the Human Rights Organization interrogate Mayor Mike Rotkin.   

++++   Rotkin’s cutback in Public Comment on the City Council Agenda & the History of His Reactionary Moves
++++  (5-13) Demand that UCSC Chancellor Expand The limited “Free Speech Zones” to the Entire Campus: Laurel Carlson, Pat True, Chris Krohn & Others
   ++++   (5-14) Robbie Raw on Chemtrails, Kenneth Krishna’s music, Loony Balloony driven into rain at Pacific Trading Company, Conjutoral Prestigatator Putter Ozzie Mogul, Byron Sims Beadster, Mu on musical break,
++++   Skidmark Bob calls out Sandwich Board crime by a local merchant.  

++++   Andrea/Meagan on contradictory instructions for playing on Pacific Avenue
++++   Ukiah Repressive Medical Marijuana Legislation 

++++   (5-5)  Visionsong Valerie on the 66th musical weekly event against the Downtown Ordinances; Michaelo’s soft jazz.      

[“Have a Happy Fuckin’ Day” sung by Phil Free throughout]