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xxx What’s coming up (grab your barf bag) at the next Shitty Council meeting Tuesday 5-25

xxx Caustic Bathrobespierre Commentary on the City Council’s latest collective punishment of unhoused folks–the CSSO (Camping Services and Standards Ordinance)–previously known as the TOLO (Temporary Outdoor Living Ordinance).  Actually, it’s the 1978 Sleeping Ban, stripped of its “sleeping” language but with the same effect, plus the removal of the vehicular sleeping ban (in practice substituting the 72-hour move-along law selectively applied).

xxx  Severely limited Public Comment from the few Zoom watchers on the rushed and rubberstamped Enforcement-First No-Funded-Services CSSO law with Donna’s Meyer’s Dusthearts devoting 2 1/2 hours to cosmetic chatter in a preset conclusion with subsequent public discussion rejected.

xxx Local resident and Food Not Bombs patron Gayla scopes out the scene.

xxx “Down but not Out” Dreadeye on the Latest SCPD Harassment

xxx  “Just Neighbor” Jean on her next-door view of the homeless-cleared San Lorenzo Park

FLASHBACK TO September 4, 2004
XXX Lengthy phone interview with former Boston Globe writer,  Mad in America author, and psychiatric researcher Robert Whitaker on his plans to write a follow-up book Anatomy of an Epidemic–which he subsequently does.
XXX Psychiatric Survivor and Activist Jane “Can the Crap!” Kysor, “Caribou”, and Bathrobespierre Robert grill Whitaker.
XXX Sally Zinman, Founder of the Alameda County Network of Mental Health Clients and one-time editor of Madness Network News on Laura’s Law–the “Needles on Wheels” ordinance designed to “help” clear the streets of homeless “mentally ill”.  

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