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xxx Triple Threat:  8 AM Eviction Threat at Hiway 1 and Hiway 9 5-10-21; 5 PM Protest Against the new TOLO at City Hall 809 Center St 5-11-21; morning (time TBA) ZOOM Injunction Hearing on the San Lorenzo Camp (now crowded into the Benchlands) 5-13-21.

xxx  Analysis of the Upcoming of TOLO 3, the Anti-Camping Law now called the CSAS[“Camping Services and Standards”] Ordinance by Kayla Kumar and Bathrobespierre Robert

xxx “Balancing Act with the Bureaucrats” Brent Adams Regrets But Defends the Upcoming Relocation to the Benchlands of the Successful “Community Agreements” Harvey West Encampment

xxx Injunction Plaintiff Dreadeye and Jailed-for-Resisting Cooper Report from San Lorenzo Park

xxx 5-6 Interviews with Richard, Luis, and Casper on the 3rd and Final Noon Eviction

xxx Extensive series of 5-3 Interviews at the Resistance Table from Dreadeye, Teddy, and Jody

xxx Brent Adams Blasts the Resistance Narrowly Avoiding a Physical Fight

xxx Lee Ann Sherwood on her In-the-Camp “Policing” and “Mental Health” Support

xxx David G., Michelle, Casey, and Nutcracker Nick –more from Deadline Day 5-6

xxx Camp Supplier Jumboheart Jeremy on the virtues and limits of the Benchland camp

xxx Assorted concerns from Miss May, Julie, Main Beacher

xxx Soquel visiter Rain on being harassed for distributing PB & J sandwiches a year ago

xxx Mark Peabody on retaliatory assault by SCPD’s Sgt. Ross.

xxx Benchlands Residents Reports–What We Need: Randall, Mia, Jennifer, Lisa, Manuel.FLASHBACK TO February 20, 2014

Gather  before 8:00 AM Monday May 10  at Hiway 1 and Hiway 9 to demand decent accommodations before eviction of the encampment, deter CHP abuse, and assist those forced to move to nowhere Contact City Council with a NO on the new Camping Ban; In-Person Protest 5 PM Tuesday May 11th in front of City Hall.Morning of Thursday May 11th (time TBA), observe the on-line Injunction status hearing for those in the Benchlands with an uncertain future.Check out the weekly HUFF meeting  Thursday May 6th 11 AM at 703 Pacific (the Sub Rosa next to the Bike Church] for musing, masticating, and meandering on how to expose and undo anti-homeless shenangans by authorities public and private.  Or at least to howl at the darkness.