Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides features The Santa Cruz Homeless Dead 2022 and a Flashback to June 17, 2012

On the 12-25-22 show:

  • 12-21 Bathrobespierre surveys the Service Providers Homeless Memorial.  See
  • [12-16] Dr. Bill Adamsky on metermaid meddling and the free Humanistic Ontology Institute
  • [12-20] Brandon Gonzales on his year-long struggle with the D.A., psychatric authorities, and the police. 
  • [12-20] Bartender Jake on post-meal problems from the homeless at the Food Not Bombs meal
  • [12-20] Other voices in the FNB vicinity: Lee Ivy, Pam, & Joe (another death Andy Davis at age 80)
  • “Still smilin'” Suzanne on Shelters and Homeless Pet Companion problems

Flashback to 6-17-12 show:

  • Mia Della Rosa and Devon on Mia’s expulsion for helping wheelchair Steve shower + positive staff stuff at the Homeless [Lack of] Services Center
  • Reports of homeless folks being banned from the Shannon Collins memorial
  • Brian on his bike journey from Eugene.

  • “Lighthouse Linda” Lemaster & Steve Pleich on Gary Johnson’s refusal to accept probation for sleepcrime on a bench and appealing her “illegal lodging” conviction. 
  • Andrea Morgan on her conversation with Mayor Don Lane about lack of disabled services.
  • Arden on police and official efforts to drive the Jabberwock sundries store out of the downtown.  
  • Shawn on harassment for signature gathering in front of New Leaf Market
  • Tom, alcoholic but attempted defender of Shannon Collins as she was being stabbed, later denied access to her memorial.