Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Net Radio Show for 12-29-22 will stream and be available as an archive by 6 PM today: The show runs 2 hours and Flashes Back to December 21, 2006

Included in the December 21, 2006 show: 

Nick, who lost his Marine sister in Iraq by car bomb, sits on Pacific Avenue with a “testing human kindness” sign against the Iraq war.

Jeremy Alderson of the Annual Homelessness Marathon critiques Poverty Pimps on Coalition Boards.

Fresno homeless activist & survivor Pamela Kincaid reports on fighting for survival against the Fresno Police Department 

Fresno Community Alliance Journalist and activist Michael Rhodes on legal successes against those bulldozing the homeless there

S.C. Chief Ranger Wallace’s abusive ticketing record revealed;

Activist Becky Johnson calls in reading Presiding Judge Morse’s 11-14-06 order setting a new civil collection process for Failures to Appear on infractions

$2520: the cost to get Public Records on Sleeping Tickets!

Scotts Valley City Council’s 2nd and Final Reading of its Homeless Camping Ban

Norse on Scotts Valley Police Chief John Weiss