Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcast streams tonight 12-10-20 at 6 PM at Police Execution Gang in L.A., Christine Jacobs on SCPD Harassment, J.C. Orton’s Berkeley Report, Keith McHenry Remembers Bob Rees

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xxx  Christine Jacobs speaks out about an abusive police stop last month.

xxx  Kim Brown of  You-Tube’s “Burn it Down””Was Andres Guardado the Target of a Police gang initiation”

xxx  Keith McHenry remembers Bob Rees, died on the streets.

xxx  Shama Sawant of Seattle on Demanding Cuts in the Budget for Police Violence (30 minutes into the video file)

xxx  Castaway Cooper’s “Freedom Camp” Update from San Lorenzo Park

xxx  A Neighbor Ponders the Deb Elston Protests (on archives only).