Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides netcasts today (12-15-19) at 9:30AM at at 9:30 AM- 3 PM. It archives at A Holiday Holocaust

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  •  Santa Cruz Homeless Union Activist Alicia Kuhl on Bruce Bratton’s KZSC Tuesday Show Talks Substance As City Council Hides Out for Winter
  •  Bathrobespierre’s Letter to the New Mayor Justin “Co-Opted” Cummings
  •  Winter-Strained Voice of the Public at the Last City Council Meeting of the Year
  • “Clean the Homeless Out of Public View” “Problem Solver” Michael Harrison vs. Keith McHenry on KSCO’s Saturday Special 12-14 
  •  Cooper & Whiskey Jack’s Account of the Washington St. Warweary:  Police raid 8 shivering folks under a huge tarp over their tents
  •  Polling the Pummeled Poor on Do-It-Ourselves Solutions to the current Winter Shelter Crisis at the Red Church Chowline:                     *** Tony Mendanzo:  Hang the Traitors             ***  Sonny Lopez: Take Over Abandoned Buildings
                ***  Angel from SC=11: Shelter Ourselves           *** Hillbilly:  Dump the Rangers, Use Vacant Places in Groups
              ***Tyler:  Individual Homeless Choices
               *** Caitlan and Christos: Everyone’s Already Happy          *** Richard Lopez: Occupy the Levee (under federal jurisdiction)
             *** Anonymous:  Smile a Lot
             *** Frank: Get a Raincoat; Keep a Low Profile
             *** Ahbahdubah: Laminate Ourselves, Tolerate, Create a Human Preserve
             *** Susan W.:  Occupy University

                 *** Portuguese Tony: Light Rangers on Fire, then Piss on Them
                 *** QZ:  Churches should step up.

                 *** Portuguese Tony:  Light Rangers on Fire, then Piss on Them

                 *** Q.Z.:  Churches Should Step Up

                 *** Nutcracker Nick: Locked out of your care shelter?  Build Treehouses.

                 *** Oldtimer: Do Portland Solution—Open up Parking Garages

  • Nick’s account of Rory’s busted for sheltering in a parking lot:  Same officer busts him; jail workers wash and dry his drenched clothing
  • Camp Phoenix Defender Luceron Luna’s Legal Strategy in Her December 17th Trial: No Trespass Cause City/County Workers There
  • Harm Reduction Coalition’s Denise Elerich on County Supervisor’s Surrender to Needlemania
  • Day/Night Storage Activist Brent Adams’s  Orients Ashley Scontriano on KSCO’s “Common Sense” Show 12-11


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