Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 12-11-22 will stream and be available as an archive soon after 9:30 AM today: Today’s show is a Flashback to December 4, 2016 featuring the Sean Arlt/Luke Smith killings and Peter Marin’s Santa Barbara Report

The 12-11-22 show is an slightly edited version of the full 12-4-16 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show at The show includes:
Red Church Interviews: Crow, Red, Charles, Audi, Sea Otter, Joe, Julie, and more.

Rally in Memory of Luke Smith, slain by deputies: Keith McHenry, Mary Collins, Steve Argue, Pat Colby, Steve Pleich, Wes White, Bob Lamonica, Robert Norse.

Santa Barbara Oldtimer Peter Marin on pushback against the crackdown on RV homes there.

Norse with City Council Update

In-studio guest: Brian Schulman on his BTS Presents shows.

Silva on his Fast against the Sleeping Ban.

More Red Church Quickies: Cooper, Mouse, and others.

Voices from Freedom Sleepout #73:  Larry B., Enrique, Clive, Osha.

 Denise, street Jewelry vendor, from Germany.

Street Talk: Lyrical Eye rappin’ out loud.