Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show 9-1-22 will stream and archive at 6 PM today. Featured: Organizing in Action at the 3rd Union of the Homeless/FNB/HUFF Benchlands Resistance meeting…and more!

As usual, the show will archive at, and will play on the net at .  Any problems call 831-423-4833.

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On today’s 9-1 show:

  • 3rd Organizational Meeting of Benchlands Resistance 8-29 with Elise, Robert, Chris, Keith, and others.
  • Sidewalk strumming, singing, and speaking 8-19 with “Richard’s Brother” and Andy
  • Return of Glenn the Victorious Vendor 8-31
  • Terry and Raven the sore-pawed pooch bid farewell to Santa Cruz
  • Kazenjammer Keith staccato weekly report to HUFF

             [Social justice singing by David Rovics throughout]


        NEXT BENCHLANDS RESISTANCE MEETING Tomorrow Friday September 2nd 3 PM at Terry’s “Let’s Go Brandon” tent near the Water St. entrance to the Benchlands.  As you stand at the back of the courthouse looking towards the river, it’s right next to the camp with all the solar cells.  Free coffee and Union of the Homeless t-shirts (while they last).  Advisable to bring your own chair.