Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 14, 2024 show is a Replay of the 4-11 HUFFmeet plus some Rovics song and commentary + a Flashback to 5-7-17 with Salinas’ Diana Blaylock, the Survival/Freedom Sleepers, and bits from 1995

The April 14, 2024 Bathrobespierre’s Broadside show includes:

  • The 4-11 meeting of HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom):  Upcoming protests, bad bills, and court calamities
  • David Rovics podcast “Linda Wiener’s Echo” (
  • Nutcracker Nick reports on brutal cop takedown of a biker near Clear View Court, and planned Watsonville sweeps of encampments
  • Morningside Monica tells of Manthri Srinath harassing a disabled woman on a public sidewalk near Lulu Carpenter’s
  • Tough-Trail Troy on recent sweeps, gentrification, and the need to document
  • Rovics’s podcast “The Rule of Law”: Myth vs. Reality
  • Athena’s report on how driving cafes off UCSC campus betrayed living wage promises & reduced student meal quality and quantity
  • Rovic’s “Up the Rebels” podcast: Landlord!

The Flashback to 5-7-17 includes:

  • Former RVster & recent tentsleeper Diana Blaylock of Salinas HEMP [Homeless Educated Minority Peoples] on Soledad Street Sweeps.
  • Bathrobespierre makes Santa Cruz Updates, Announcements, and Background
  • [5-2-17] Freedom Sleepers activist Abbi Samuels calls a meeting of activists and sleepers to discuss a proposed meeting with City Manager Bernal
  • Bathrobespierre, Holly, Phil Posner, Blue, Steve Pleich, Drummond, discuss pressure prospects for changing enforcement policies
  • [5-3-24] Freedom SleepOut #95:  Pleich,  Sheree Peterson, Pat Colby, Free, Cynthia Berger, Keith McHenry, Dreamcatcher, Warren West, Blue
  • Flashback to Oct. 13, 1995:

              +++ Phil Free’s “Hospitality Nazis” song, Anti-Monogamy, Fighting harassment for Satirical songs as “Disturbing the Peace”, Spreading anti-homeless laws,

  • +++ Candlelight Kim Argula on cop beating of Aaron Mitchel—charges of excessive force upheld

             +++ Remembering Linda the Lark Edwards on Poverty Pimpery at Karen Gillette’s “Free Meal”             +++ Hotfoot Fire and Skyler on Single Parents having Housing Difficulties             +++ Searching (unsuccessfully) for the Ray McMann interview (14 ½ years jail for $8 theft and 15 minute trial, 3 years in solitary confinement), held in jail parole violation for 66 days)