Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday April 30 2023 show is a Flashback to April 25, 2002 featuring Attorney-Activist Catnip Kate Wells, Vehicular resident Kathy, and further flashbacks to September 1996

The April 30, 2023 Show includes:

  • [Selections throughout from Charlie King and Karen Brandow’s On the Journey album]
  • Cooper D’Angelo’s recent adventures bounced about from sidewalk to jail
  • Town Clock memorial for Joe Pace, joyful Food Not Bombs [FNB] worker: Father Joel Miller, Keith McHenry, Eagle, Drew, Joe’s brother Nick, Michael (Joe’s neighbor). Cooper, Lyrical I (Isaac Collins), Lion, Kathleen, Elise, Dreadeye, Moon, a WAMM compatriot, Kat, & others.
  • Lion’s additional experiences with Joe Pace and the police.
  • Ex-fire commisioner attacking Doty and other homeless people with bear spray?–S.F. Chronicle stories
  • Interview with Beggarbacker Becky Johnson on the fate of the Lapis Road refugees and scandalous doings pharmaceutical and political.
  • [4-29] Christina, year long FNB volunteer on freedom-snatching globalist dividers; Joe on limits of low income housing;  Seamore Slab joins in
  • Mutual Aid from spokesperson on its emergency supplies to folks outside, aka Romsey Pastensia
  • Roughhouse Raconteur Robert “the Hero” Woodlief on the Armory and the Overlook; Eagle on the Food Overflow; Suzanne on Coral St. deficiencies
  • Lawwatcher Laura on the Mental Health Advisory Committee’s latest plenty-of-nothing at the 4-27 HUFF meeting; further slices from the HUFFmeet with “Trekin’ On” Troy, “Kindred Heart” Kevin, & others
  • Katzenjammer Keith’s Prospects of Escalating Peril for the Poor interview

The April 25, 2002 Flashback includes:

  • Hank Milstein announcing May Day Festival and Picnic with music, poetry, and political chat
  • Bathrobespierre on Councilmember Scott Kennedy’s checkered political agenda and the Doug Rand Memorial (Town Clock) Peace Park
  • Ed Howes, homeless brother of infamous police Officer Jim Howes, reads Paul Franklin’s letter defending Food Not Bombs against the Metro S.C.’s Nuz columnist
  • Catnip Kate Wells, activist attorney, on the Norse v. Krohn  “Heil Krohn!” mock-Nazi salute lawsuit; calls for a funded City Attorney rather than the Barisone-Condotti firm;
  • Becky Johnson calls for audience declarations regarding City Council procedural abuses against the public as the “Heil Krohn!” lawsuit moves forward.
  • Councilmember Reilly’s January 1999 letter denouncing the Sleeping Ban contrasted with her in-power homeless powers since joining the City Council
  • Kathy Greygo, Homes on Wheels member, held in jail with Officers Seiley and Headley arresting her for sleeping warrants, while parked in the “forbidden” Harvey West area,  also taking her dogs, 
  • Flashback within this flashback:  Back to Mayor Rotkin’s Regime:    +++ Sept 11, 1996  Mark Bryan Watson presents Dominican hospital document from Aug 22nd confirming his fractured wrist, broken in jail by two deputies.  +++ Sept 11, 1996  Mama Tama,%20Pregnancy%20&%20Homelessness.jpg  +++ Sept 11, 1996  Confrontation with Sgt. Andy Crain threatening to seize food at homeless protest at City Hall under Rotkin’s Injunction
  • April 2002 Cosmic Chris reports merchant/police crackdown on Pacific Avenue musicians