Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday December 10, 2023 show features interviews with Hurricaine Helga & Backstory Brent…plus a Flashback to October 10, 1994 when the FCC seized Free Radio’s equipment and more

The Sunday December 10, 2023 show features:

  • “Hurricane” Helga Neibel on the recent raids along the levee path in Santa Cruz and elsewhere
  • Helga on her own experiences in post-WWII Germany as a child and how she came to be a homeless activist
  • Hundreds pack S.F. City hall as supervisor introduces resolution calling for case-fire in Israel-Hamas war
  • “Backstory” Brent Adams: Lessons from his decade-long work providing services with the Warming Center and Footbridge Services
  • “The Brave and the Free” and others protest the ACLU award to Gail Newel.
  • Voices from the weekly Saturday 10 am-noon protest at Ocean and Water Sts. demanding an end to the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

The Flashback to October 10, 1994 includes: 

  • “Visionsong” Valerie at the Copwatch table and other describing heavy police response to a “spitting on the sidewalk” incident.
  • Federal marshals bust Free Radio Santa Cruz [FRSC] with comments from Ray Greuenich, Joe Williams, V-Man, Roxanne Acquistepache, Mark Primack, Brian Murphy, Skidmark Bob, Uncle Dennis, Becky Johnson, Valerie Christy, Lisa Braun, and Tim Rinker.
  • Sheryl Koel, Supervisor of the FCC raid, fields angry questions; Mayor Scott Kennedy expresses support for FRSC; further comments by John Thielking, Augusto Sandino, Chris Krohn, and others.
  • Capitola call:  Diss-ing the Deaf-to-Compassion Deputy down on dumpster-diving.
  • Anderson Valley Anderson  columnist Fred Gardner on Defending Marijuana Safety and Access in the face of arrests in D.C.
  • Commentary by Bathrobespierre on Ryan Coonerty’s refusal to come on the air; Nader, and other incidentals.