Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday December 24, 2023 show features more futile community pleas for a special Council ceasefire resolution from 12-12, the Mime Troupe’s Red Xmas Carol, & bits of the Clock Memorial plus a Flashback to March 5, 2015

The Sunday December 24, 2023 show includes:

The Flashback to March 5, 2015 contains:

  • Food Not Bombs hassled by SCPD for its banner at the Main Post Office meal and clothing donation
  • Hiway 17 blockage by UCSC students against tuition hikes and police violence
  • Norse’s nettlesome local updates
  • Expanded cop-initiated Stay Away orders in parks
  • Col Terry Maxwell supporting the Bearcat but not the way the SCPD slipped it past City Council
  • Bad Times with “Big John”, the library security guard.
  • [2-26]  Street Interviews…”Lookin’ for Love”(Jay, Jack, and Mark), Oz on ticket-signing strategy, Keith M. on SCRAM (against Militarization)
  • Papa John and Curtis Reliford making vehicular music on the street