Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday February 18, 2024 show spotlights Salinas activist Wes White, Alicia Kuhl’s critique of Encompass, cops stealing tarps & blankets before a rain and a Flashback to March 6, 2005: Protest critiques and tips

The Sunday February 18, 2024 show includes:

  • David Rovics roars out songs (lifted from you-tube) throughout.
  • “Whip ‘Em Into Shape” Wes White on the outcome of his protest arrest, police exclusion from a public event, and more
  • Bathrobespierre casts a caustic eye on the S.C. City Council’s latest grant to the SCPD for surveillance drones in spite of public opposition
  • Public comment unanimously opposing the drones and near-unanimously ignored by the City Council
  • Local activist Alicia Kuhl on her recent departure from Encompass; homeless legal battles here and elsewhere; 
  • “Take it to the Max” Troy and “Hurricane” Helga on brutal police tarp seizures along Coral St. in the rain

The Flashback to March 6, 2005 includes:

  • Peppertongue” Pat Ring recalls 1996 struggles in and out of court around the City Hall Sleepers Vigil that went on for nearly 7 months
  • UCSC activists at an anti-war forum looking for old lessons in the ongoing struggle against the Iraqi war
  • Ralph Meyberg speaking and organizing pressing for a referendum on the City Council’s Coast Hotel Project
  • Clearview Court survivor Liberty on the implications of the Coast Hotel project for residential coach owners there
  • Fighting back against the Public Comment constriction at City Council—a detailed example.