Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 17, 2024 show has vigorous updates from the FNB fellowship: Cooper, Kazoo, Westside Bob, Fred, Drew, Mel, from Harvey West’s Diona + more & a Flashback to May 23, 2004

The Sunday March 17, 2024 Show includes:

  • Songs throughout from David Rovics 2001 CD Living in These Times
  • Food Not Bombs activist Keith McHenry reports on the 3-16 Sacramento “Arts, Human Rights, and Tiny Homes” protest
  • Salinas homeless activist Wes White gives a longer Sacramento report and an update on threatened Monterey County attacks on those outside.
  • Bathrobespierre’s Harvey West camp impressions and a chat with unhoused residents Mr. Shannon and Deona Everitt on life there and in prior shelters
  • Farmer’s Market Interviews—Jody Set, songster and busker from Summoning Circle & Adlee the Initiative petitioner
  • Mellowman Mel Nunez gives the positives and negatives of existing social services for those outside.
  • Determination Drew praises the latest once-a-month donations from the visiting Power and Excell charity.
  • Jaya praises Endurance Activism from local RCNV-celebrated figures
  • “Blast Back” Bill on cop seizures that have impacted him.
  • “Cage me Not” Cooper gives a reluctant but powerful refugee report.

The Flashback to May 23, 2004 includes: 

  • “Catnip” Kate Wells denounces City Council’s restriction of Medical Marijuana dispensaries in collaboration with WAMM
  • “Freesingin'” Phil Free on the continuing fight for free sales of CD by street musicians
  • Orly Jones on his struggle to get his 4 kids back, and the use of marijuana use to take them away from the homeless
  • Jim of San Jose’s “Area 420” supporting Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom’s  HUFF-and-PUFF campaign.
  • Compassion Flower Inn proprietor Andrea Tishler urging “no” to the Board of Supervisor’s CAMP appropriation