Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 19, 2023 show features accounts of toxic incompetence and abuse in government-funded shelter and assistance programs Also a lengthy Flashback to July 5, 2012 with better “Housing Matter” boss Doug Loisel

On the March 19th Show:

  • [3-12]  “Long Road” Logan Barnes on his travels as well as evictions by police and accommodations by Funding Matters (aka “Housing Matters”)
  • Songs from the vinyl From Where I Stand by Peggy Seeger and the MacColls [Throughout the program]
  • Reggie Meisler and others challenge City Council’s Rubberstamping of the Memorandum of Police Understanding as police abuse vehcular residents, food servers, and those seeking shelter from the atmospheric river rains
  • Food Not Bombs foodservers Drew and Angela raise questions about police surveillance and harasssment of social gatherings at the Town Clock
  • A bit of 
  • [3-15] Keith’s bedside updates
  • Vehicular survivor Gen-I on the struggles to deal with govt.-provided shelter
  • [3-17] Jeweler J on street life during the storms; Greetrich Greg on Armory life
  • James, Supervisor Surveiller, on latest Board of Supervisor shenangans
  • Beth with a gloomy Armory report
  • Joyphil at the 3-18 “Stop Arming Ukraine” anti-War Rally
  • [3-18] “Call to Heaven” Cooper’s Last Interview before her tent was removed from the Post Office
  • [3-19] Tales of terror from Michele indicting “Housing Matters” and “Dominican Hospital”
  • Summary of the July 5, 2012 Flashback

On the July 5, 2012 Flashback: