Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday March 3, 2024 show covers last Tuesday’s “Fuck Your FEMA Camps!” protest at City Hall plus rueful ruminations in the rain at FNB + a Flashback to April 11, ’04: with NYC squatter Frank Morales & Steve Argue

The Sunday March 3, 2024 show includes:

  • at interludes throughout the show: Dave Lippman’s melodic & satiric sarcasm
  • “Yes, They Are Coming for the Homeless”
  • [2-27] “Fuck Your FEMA Camps!” Protest inside and outside Shitty Hall against Santa Cruz’s implicit collusion with state and feds
  • Sophie on Armory pluses and minuses from a transsexual perspective  
  • Dialogue with Cop Shutting Down the Bullhorn  
  • Bits of Oral Communication at Shitty Council“Fast Lane” Fred interrupts Meeting for Keith’s “Fuck you, Fred” response​; Keith’s commentary
  • Street view from a Renter—according to George
  • Petitioning up in Scotts Valley; Nicolas on unnecessary misery with closed shelters in rain and wind
  • Jay ousted from parking garage cover into rain; Art on pretext pullover
  • Cody—watching from Food Not Bombs meal and Daylight Drew’s report from the chow line

The Flashback to April 11, 2004 includes: 

  • Anita Henry of Med-X, Medical Marijuana distribution service, co-hosts through most of the show.
  • Preview of Frank Morales—The Squatter Movement Seizing Housing—on Guns and Butter: Anita and caregiver caller Mathew react
  • Bathrobespierre previewing City Council: the coming sell-out of the Clearview Court Rent Control; Bathrobespierre’s lawsuits; Steve Argue’s move-along arrest; cops on high-school campus; and more.
  • Anita:  Medical Marijuana in the News: city, state, and nation-wide update
  • Congo Ray—caretaker and jack-of-many-trades—on recent life in an RV
  • HUFF & PUFF—discussing sidewalk distribution of free medical marijuana to protest failure to allow distribution centers in town
  • 1 ½  hours with Frank Morales on the phone—11 buildings and the squatter path to legality
  • Dealing with Urban Poor by destroy the housing and whole neighborhoods in south Bronx in order to disperse them: special deconcentration; defending in court and by calling the neighborhood to physically support with direct action.
  • Rather than reconcentrating thru housing creation, authorities lowered habitability standards and started warehousing with “shelters”.
  • “Steadfast” Steve Argue struggle against the Move-Along law limiting tabling for vendors, petitioners, musicians to 1 hour.