Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Sunday October 29, 2023 show features the complete Investigator radio play, a bit of Pac Ave life, and a lengthy Flashback to August 8, 2010 in the midst of PeaceCamp2010 protests

The contemporary segment of the Sunday October 29, 2023 includes:

  • The Investigator, a radio play from Canada satirizing Joseph McCarthy and his “anti-communist” investigations of the early 1950s
  • [songs by Ryan Harvey at various intervals throughout]
  • “If I Had a Rocket Launcher” two versions—one by Ryan Harvey and the original by Bruce Cockburn
  • The ancient struggle of Westside De Anza Mobile Home Park residents for Rent Control and their okaying City persecution of Oversized “Homes on Wheels”–an exchange between Bathrobespierre Robert and Battling Bob Lemonica
  • A call-in to Russell in Dominican Hospital, recovering from a stroke
  • A Preacher on Pacific and Dancing Tom
  • Malaki—gathering petition signatures to legalize healing psychedelics
  • Towntalk from Thomas
  • Jawboning with Jackie
  • Intro to the following Flashback

The Flashback to August 8, 2010 includes:

  • PeaceCamp2010 supporter and witness reports night of 8-7 arrests and citations in front of the County Building
  • Night of 8-6 – 8-7: audio of PC2010 consternation over 647e Unlawful Lodging citations for peaceful protests
  • Nina Millican, UCSC student,  and Gillian Greensite, former UCSC rape Counselor, and the dissolving of Greensite’s 30-year rape prevention program
  • Curbhugger Chris Doyen—out of jail—reports on prior night’s raid by phone; arrestee Christine’s account. 
  • Greensite on Rape Stats regarding homeless, SCPD blocking Council from considering 2006 CCPVAW report through staffer Kathy Agnon; SCPD PRster Zack Friend declines to answer key questions; caller Free encourages counselors to advise homeless folks;
  • In-studio guest Lighthouse Linda Lemaster from PC2010 on latest “protest during business hours only” directive
  • 8-7 Audio of PC2010; PeaceCamper Collette Connolly’s account; Chris Doyon on jail conditions.