Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday December 14, 2023 show is a Flashback to December 25, 2014 featuring an analysis of the infamous “Performance Pens”–discs limiting poor people on Pacific Ave., and an talk with Doug Loisel, former service provider

The introduction includes:

  • a brief summary of the December 25, 2014 Flashback
  • a short update on recent events
  • a quick conversation with Reggie Meisler on the Coastal Commission’s hearing in Santa Cruz tomorrow and the Oversized Vehicle status.

The Flashback to December 25, 2014 includes: 

  • Lane-Comstock “Performance Pens” [PP], new laws passed 11-18, going into force now severely limiting vending, sitting, sparechanging, or performing replacing the earlier Sidewalk Shrinkage laws passed in 2013 to discourage visible homeless and street person presence
  • Deconstruction and detailing of the PP law
  • Vice-Mayor Don Lane fields criticisms from Kate Winzell, Bathrobespierre, Alex the Artist, and others on the PP law
  • “Dead-on” David Silva calls in to announce he’ll do some public sidewalk dancing to help end the Sleeping Ban
  • Lengthy interview with Doug Loisel, former Executive Director of the Homeless [Lack of] Services Center, now called “Housing Matters”, discussing his work with Homeless Runaway Youth in Monterey and his memories of Santa Cruz’s homeless services.