Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday February 22 2024 show is a Flashback to February 27, 2003 with commentary and comments from Jeffrey Gale, James Cosner, Sophie, C.J. Stock, and others

The Thursday February 22, 2024 show is a flashback to February 27, 2003 and includes: 

  • Co-host Jeffrey Gale gives commentary at various points
  • Cannabis activist and researcher Rosenthal flawed trial?
  • Sophie of UCSC’s Standing United for Peace discusses limited UCSC protest against the Iraqi war & other protests around town
  • Beggarbacker Becky Johnson’s chalking trial:
  • Listener Benito from Germany calls in, comparing European situation on marijuana and anti-war reaction
  • Songs from C.J. Stock; Renik, sidewalk solicitor, on recent cop hassles; John Maurer; Wesley and Janet Harrison on bench removal; Gabe and Bathrobespierre exchange puns; John W on Officer Brandt; Tim W accuses Parking Enforcement of possible vandalism; 
  • “City Council Ducks War; Kennedy Ducks Subpoena; Golder Gets Banned” Flyer
  • Gale urges Tax Refusal and Sit-Down Strike against threatened Iraqi War
  • “Justman” James Cosner on Upcoming Speak-Out Against the War.