Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday July 27, 2023 show is a Flashback including selections from the April 27th and April 30th 2000 Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides shows with James Nay, Julie Constaza Gomez, David Silva, & Mike Schmidt

The July 27th, 2023 show includes Flashback…

…Selections from the April 27th show including
++++ Julio Sanchez on no shelter here; “Whatever” (aka David Darnoll) on harassed under bridge for sleeping; Sabrina & family on police tickets for sleeping;
++++ Bathrobespierre Robert and Beggarbacker Becky profile City Council’s arbitrary, authoritarian, and alternate-fact approach to the public;                     

++++ Becky on Beatings of homeless folks like Stephen Dawson & Brad Mills and SCPD blockade against contacting the victims                     

++++ Interview with Lee Apartments manager Julie Constanza Gomez in the Mercy Charities Housing Dolphin-Lee scandal.                     

++++ Conservative business community activist Mike Schmidt on his plea to Mayor Keith Sugar
….Selections from the April 30th show including                   

++++  “Dead-On” David Silva’s step up of the Sleep Fast Campaign calling for phone-in’s during Sleepy Time to Council at home                    ++++   4-3-98:  Controversy at Ali Baba’s Cafe, Sidewalk Chalk, & Disturbing the Peace—James Nay & Scarecrow Report                   

++++   Nay describes peaceful sitting-on-the-floor Council protest to Mercury News Reporter John Woolfolk                   

++++   Sleeping Ban Table Interviews: Cassandra Fox, Michael Tomasi defender, Michael and Morena, and more             

++++   Woodsy Sleeping Then and Now
++++    4-29-98:  Chamber of Commerce Mike Schmidt phone update supports suspension of Sleeping Ban on outskirts