Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday July 6, 2023 show features Keith McHenry on wretched, abusive, and forced “mental health” “treatment” by Santa Cruz authorities, Wes White’s Salinas sweep report, & a Vehicular Update from “Mind over Masters” Monica

Today’s July 6, 2023 Show includes:       

+++++  “Catch me Twice, Shame on Me” Keith McHenry on the International Political Scene     

+++++   A horrific report on the fate of Baba Ito—writer, healer, and Santa Cruz local—held captive in the County by the Mental Healthmongers     

+++++   “Whip ’em into Shape” Wes White on stalling the Salinas Union Pacific Homeless Sweeps     

+++++   “Mind over Master” Monica on the Oversized Vehicle scene up Delaware Roadway and the cold forgetful heart of the De Anza Coach Owners, screwed over by the same City now stealing the homes of those in RVs.     

[throughout]  Many a tune by David Rovics