Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday May 18 2023 show is a Flashback to March 17, 2000 which includes many voices from the sidewalk Spring Campaign to End the Sleeping Ban

The May 18 2023 show, a Flashback from March 17, 2000, includes:

  • [obscure Phil Ochs songs throughout]
  • Interviews at the Pacific Ave. Table to end the Sleeping Ban uniting renters, tourists, and outside sleepers: Rent-strapped 7-year Broker’s Assistant; Former Sentinel employee Tammy Blake on recent beatings of homeless; Vandwellers Mike and Jim—from landlord to hotel to friend’s house to van; Low-profile car-dweller, David Donald (aka “Whatever”) under-the-bridge sleeper; Sabrina on police hassles.
  • Update on Sleeping Ban Initiative, David Silva’s fast crusade against the Ban, planned protests at City Council, massive boycott/CD downtown.
  • Single young woman on frequent police pressure; FRSC’s “Janitor” also a Post office report from passing worker; James on threats in his van. 
  • Paddy Long on rent doublings; gone-by-done places needed. 
  • “Sit in the rain” orders to Spring Mobilization to End the Sleeping Ban at Del Mar overhang.
  • David L.–poem on war against all.
  • Traveler Fouche; former Beach Flats resident against hard drugs; clean-up squatter Craig Fletcher ticketed, handcuffed, evicted.
  • [3-9] Anthony Perez, Chris Murkley, vanster, surfer, and worker—”get out of town” signs on his vehicle.
  • David from Stockton, Santa Barbara, and here; David 2, privileged street local, on police tolerance of anti-homeless violence.
  • Melissa is upset on indifference towards Camping Ban.
  • Jerry Henry, street preacher, on jailing for standing at a bus stop, taking dog & car.
  • Bathrobespierre & Scope-it-Out Scott on the last big City Council meeting—Dolphin Lee acquisition votes in Closed Session and Redevelopment Agency.
  • Visiting Presidential candidate (2000) Ralph Nader ducks a Sleeping Ban question—in spite of the state Green Party position opposing it.