Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Thursday November 30, 2023 show is a Flashback to May 15, 2003 featuring a soft interview with then-Sheriff Mark Tracy; the City’s (non) response to Bush II’s brutal war on the Iraqi people, and more

The November 30, 2023 show is a Flashback to May 15, 2003.  It includes:

  • [Musical interludes with the Jus’ Kiddin’ Santa Cruz street-banned band]
  • Jeffrey Gale joins Bathrobespierre as co-host
  • Gale interviews then-Sheriff Mark Tracy questioning his policy around sex offenders, bed space for drug and alcohol rehab, and more
  • Bathrobespierre questions Tracy on preferential treatment given to medical marijuana provider WAMM to the detriment of the majority of medical marijuana users as well as the proposed ID cards for medical marijuana legal immunity
  • Critique of the B interview
  • City Council’s latest show meeting—inadequate movement on ADU’s and denouncing Bush’s Iraqi invasion
  • Discussion of Recent issues:  P & R underling Mia Duckette’s assaulting and jailing  of Beggerbacker Becky for chalking “End the Sleeping Ban”ish slogans on the curb in erasible chalk; New Leaf sidewalk seizure; Pacific Trading Company no-sit railing creation in collusion with SCPD; Mayor Emily Reilly’s token anti-war effort; 
  • Jhond Golder banned from government buildings in pursuit of public records and local court “justice”.