Cafe HUFF hits sidewalk at Cedar & Elm 9:30 AM Friday 4-17

Reports of police harassment on the sidewalk outside Cafe Pergolesi at Cedar and Elm have reached the fuzzy ears of HUFF.

Folks on the public sidewalk are being falsely directed to “move along” by police–possibly at the behest of the Cafe Pergolesi management, possibly as part of an escalating “homeless get out” campaign.  Police are reportedly telling youth at that corner that they can’t “loiter” there.

Provided one moves aside when asked to do so, one is not obstructing the sidewalk.

So HUFF invites interested opponents of the city’s crackdown on homeless people as well as neutral observers to come by for a free cup of coffee (while it lasts).  9:30 AM  Friday.  April 17th.

Bring video cameras and friends.

We’ve also heard Metro security has been growing increasingly repressive.  Please contact us at 423-4833 and/or post video on line and let the community know about it.

Robert Norse