Check out Santa Cruz Connect at the Portuguese Hall (9:30 AM), then Meander Over to Conscience and Action at the Sub Rosa at 11 AM followed by HUFF at Noon


Note:  Agenda Ideas are simply suggestions and subject to change and addition from anyone in the group.  They cover a wide range of possibilities.  Likelihood of postponing C & A meeting today considering the concurrent the Homeless Connect meet.

  • Announcements: Choice of Action Items
  • City Council Update: 6-25 Meeting with Upcoming Infraction Data; Rental Data Gathering System
  • Phone call options:  D.C. Activists, Glover,                                                                                                                       
  • Media Focus on Exorbitant Cost of Pseudo-Shelter Alternatives:  The River St. Concentration Camp & Other
  • Old Business—Follow-Up’s:  River St. Campground Situation—Snickars–Organizing for Rights to Visit, Documentation at Coral St. & Elsewhere

           Facebook Fraternizing & Threats with Bigots/Nimby’s…Needle Exchange Expansion Debate/Forum…

           Post Office Box: Alicia Homeless Union Report

  • Main Projects:   Louden Nelson—City Bathroom Situation—Campgrounds
  • Portapotty Placement…Glover’s Proposal Prospects…Louden Nelson Line

         Campground Closing—New Mills Enforcement Focus—Seaside Law

    For HUFFsters

  • Announcements: Including Brief Summaries of Agenda Items
  • Further Action on C & A Items
  • Street Reports: June-i
  • Street Spirit Vendor: Angel Mason
  • Santa Cruz (Homeless) Connect Report; Flyering
  • Public Records: Oral Communication History
  • Homeless Union D.C. Alicia/Wes/Keith call
  • Glover Intern Meeting & Recall Report 
  • Campside Connections & Mills Enforcement
  • Jack’s Restaurant Discrimination Sting
  • Crackdown on RV’s at Safeway and Elsewhere; Recent Fliers
  • RV Attacks & Restricted”Reforms” in Other Cities
  • SNAIL Update?
  • Berkeley Report