Coffee Quaffing and Subversive Scheming in the Courtyard of the Sub Rosa/Bike Church Area Today Wednesday 2-26-20 at noon: Fight the Recall, Support the Strike, Solidarity with Survival Camps !

HUFF Proposals for 2-26-20

Announcements    Norse Updates (Clippings)  Street and Camp Reports  Council Report


***Report on Tuesday’s Koffee Klatch

***Posner/Pleich Letter & Response: HUFF thoughts?

*** Any Follow up on SCPD Earlier Demands; Latest Incidents

*** Strike Follow-Up, Flyering, Contacts

*** Contact List Work; Fox Report—Camps, Occupations, Protests, New Additions

*** Strike Update & Campus Distribution of HUFF Flyers


*** Survival Camp Coffee:  Taking the Java to where folks live.  With music?

***Anti-Recall—March 1st Benefit by Folksinger Mark Levy

*** Upcoming SCPD anti-homeless organizing: Mon March 9th DeLaveaga Elementary 6-7:30 PM     Wed March 11th  Louden Nelson 6-7:30 p.m.  Thurs March 12th Peace United Church 6-7:30 p.m.


*** Koffee Klatch Next Tuesday Petitioning City Manager’s to Follow Gov’s Plan w/ Camp Phoenix

*** Alternatives:  P & R Office Wait-In (BYO Chairs) to get Eliot to stop ‘Stay-Away” Harassment

*** City Council Offices Gathering to Petition for Emergency Action on Emergency Winter Shelter

***Check out IWW Connections:


*** Public Records Updating on-Line: organizing the google site.

***Crunching Recent Requests for (a) all citations city-wide for alt-camping cites for blocking the sidewalk, being in a closed area, park after dark, public nuisance, illegal lodging, etc. for the last year;

(b) all Pacific Avenue citations for the last six months   *** Appealing the 5-Year Main Beach Curfew


Call  Robert at 423-4833 for Public Records Analysis or Fox  221-6310 for Documentation & Contact

Public Meetings of Officials with Signs & Loud Questions: WHERE’S NEWSOM’S CAMPS & BLDGS IN SC?

DOCUMENTS Another Letter to Justin Cummings Encampment Struggle & Suppression Restore Stolen Property, SCPD ! Docs on Encampments & Civil Rights


 Netradio 2-9 Show: Description at

  • All Week Long: Students Fight UCSC Firing for COLA4all: Fair Wages demo at Bay & High St.            
  • 5:30-6:30 PM Wed 2-26 Supe Leopold meets with Happy Valley folks at library, 3125 Branciforte Dr. 
  • 10 & 12 AM  Sat/Sun 2-29/3-1 Tabby Cat Café 1101 Cedar St.  Canvas Against the Recall !
  • 5 PM Sun Post Office Sidewalk—SC Homeless Union Huddle & 6 PM March to Free Mark Levy Concert
  • 7 PM Concert Rio Mobile Home Park Rec Room 2120 N. Pacific  Recall/HUFF benefit   Free Food Likely
  • Any time up to 3-3 at County Bldg or your precinct. VOTE AGAINST GLOVER/KROHN RECALL 
  • 7:30 PM  Wed 3-4 NAACP S.C. County monthly meeting at Baptist Church 517 Center St.