Conscience & Action meets Wednesday 1-16-19 at the Sub Rosa (HUFFsters also invited)

Reviewing the “No Policies to be Changed” answer of Chief Andy Mills at the Press Conference/Speak-Out at the Police Station focusing on Harassment of Vehicular Residents  Conscience and Action members are invited (as well as HUFFsters and any members of the public).

RV survivor Alicia says she again will be there along with other RV residents to discuss our next steps.  Alicia and her family (a husband and 3 children) report continued sightings but no move-along citations, tickets, or midnight bangings from Enforcer Joe Haebe–celebrated by Mills as a decorated officer for his many tickets and tows.
Other Likely topics:

C & A Agenda Prospects:
  • Bathroom Baloney–the ongoing closure of Louden Nelson and other potential 24 hour bathrooms + no movement on the disabled access issue.
  • The now fenced-off Gateway/Ross campground: A massive fence now walls off the Gateway Shopping Center from the camp and the walkway.
  • Rainy weather crisis: Any response from the Conscience-Ridden?

For HUFFsters and others interested:

  • Homeless (Lack of) Service Center Update–Changes or More of the Same: an Examination of the latest answers from workers inside.
  • SCPD capers:  Reviewing police records perhaps to check for the frequency of Stay-Away Orders and Racial Profiling–a possible field trip after the meeting.
  • Getting Council t0 mandate change of the “open only 4 hours a week” SCPD property retrieval
  • A Laundry List of Reminders for the Incoming Shitty Council
  • Landlord Lucre-grubbers Strike Back;  Referendum and Recall Coming Up?
  • Is Winter Shelter access any less difficult with its e-mail sign-up requirements than last month?  How are conditions out at the 7th Avenue Shelter and Salvation Army?
  • Any restoration of services out at MHCAN?  Is the Board of Directors still slumbering?
  • Upcoming Martin Luther King Day rally of the state Union of the Homeless including tours of homeless camps in Chico.  Should Santa Cruz participate or have a local response?
Come and share coffee, questions, and answers at 703 Pacific (next to the Bike Church) at HUFF.

  • Support the Downtown Santa Cruz Bathroom Task Force, Food Not Bombs,  the Warming Center’s 24 Hour Storage Program, HUFF, Conscience and Action, Monterey County Homeless Advocates, HomeFree, and other activists in documenting, providing resources, & publicizing the situation.
  •   Back up homeless efforts to organize either in protest or to demand adequate and accessible facilities.
  •   Exchange information with other supporters there to generate more communication and better solutions in the future.
  •   Listen in to Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides at every Thursday 6-8 PM, Sundays 9:30 AM- 3 PM
  •   If you must, expropriate items from chain stores.  Don’t steal from vulnerable fellow homeless!