CONSCIENCE AND ACTION meets 10 AM at the Sub Rosa; HUFF meets at 11 AM–Same Place

Conscience and Action usually meets every other Wednesday at 10 AM.  It met last week.  However today it has a last minute meet to hammer down final preparations for the November 15 Community Survival Campground Demonstration planned for tomorrow 4 PM steps of the downtown Post Office. 
HUFF’s regular meeting is today scheduled at 11 AM, but it may be pushed back some because of C & A priorities.

10 am Conscience and Action Agenda Prospects  FINAL PREP FOR THE NOVEMBER 15 ACTION
  • Location Committee Report
  • Review of Tasks yet to be done
  • Speakers List for tomorrow’s protest
  • First and Second Stops:  City Hall, Post Office
  • Poll Results
  • Responding to the Police: Pre-Protest Advice for Protesters
  • The Next Location: A List of Prospects, Call for the Broader Homeless Community To Report Where Maximum Harassment is Happening, Volunteers for a Campwatch, Hotline.

HUFF Agenda Prospects

  • to discuss HUFF strategies for the next week supporting the CampQuest
  • to assist in monitoring
  • to consider legal strategies for urban refugee self-defense
  • to provide assistance to protesters facing citations (based on past experience)
  • to review City Council/City Manager’s report at Tuesday Council Meeting, Cowell Beach craptalk, & Sentinel smear of Ross campers
  • to share coffee and complaints
  • to review items not covered at the last meeting–if anyone’s interested.
  • to gather reports from the last week, use the new Sub Rosa bulletin board, and consider tabling at the new “Fence Out the Poor” Post Office scene or at the San Lorenzo “maintenance” fences.

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