Flashback Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides Show from August 1996 On Air Sunday 10-25

Yet another flashback show coming your way on Free Radio Santa Cruz at 101.3 FM (streaming at freakradio.org) Sunday October 25 2015. (9:30am-1:00pm)

This one features Santa Cruz Performers Guild activist ” Travelin'” Tom Noddy, Housing Now! in Santa Cruz founder “Lighthouse” Linda Lemaster, and me discuss the history and then current status of street performers in 1996 and some of the earlier struggles of the Scott Creek Bluff Vehicle Dwellers.

A second interview has me and “Dragonsheart” Dan Hopkins, who vigiled at Santa Cruz City Hall night after night from March 1996 through October of that year exposing and denouncing the City’s Sleeping Ban on a mainstream radio station.

The sound quality of the shows is iffy but the info is interesting.  Or I hope listeners will find it so.  Let me know by e-mail, folks, if you like these flashbacks.  I’m still making ineffectual efforts to restore current and live shows.  And we still need a studio!  Call me at 831-423-4833 if you’ve got suggestions, ideas, etc.