Free Radio Flashback Today on Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides 5:45 PM or so: Winter 1998

Yet another back show from the archives–this one with extensive discussion of the high hopes for abolition of the Sleeping Ban in the Winter of 1998 after a “progressive” majority gained power–Councilmembers Beiers, Krohn, Sugar, and Fitzmaurice–who sadly disappointed us days later and throughout their 4 year term.  However activism was at a high pitch and the discussion and phone calls are interesting.   It’s archived at under December 3, 1998 if you miss the show or wish to review the discussion.   If you have comments, call and leave a message at 4123-4833!   Happy listening.

Good news:  I’ve downloaded Audacity and now simply need to secure some equipment and training to return to contemporary interviews and commentary!