Gathering, March, and Tabling Saturday Around Anti-Homeless Discrimination Downtown

Title: Discrimination Alert & Investigation
START DATE: Saturday January 25
TIME: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Location Details:
We’ll meet at the public space in front of the downtown post office during the Food Not Bombs meal which starts at 4 PM. Front and Water Streets in Santa Cruz
Event Type: Vigil/Ritual
Contact Name Robert Norse
Email Address rnorse3 [at]
Phone Number 831-423-4833
Address 309 Cedar PMB #14B Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Local homeless folks, travelers, local youth, and low-income renters have expressed concerns variously about discrimination and exclusionary behavior at various coffee shops and downtown businesses.This include refusal to serve “homeless-looking” people & those with big backpacks. There have also been reports of folks paying for food but then being asked to leave because of their appearance.

We shall be gathering specific reports and discussing the situation.

We will then walk the Avenue passing out flyers urging non-discriminatory policies to downtown business and their customers.

We will finally arrive at Cafe Pergolesi where numerous folks have reported discriminatory exclusions of poorer people after they’ve paid for coffee.

A impromptu streetside Cafe HUFF may be provided a limited supply of Sidewalk Java to warm the gullets of those gathering information about the substance and extent of this reported discrimination.

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