HUFF at THE SUB-ROSA CAFE COURTYARD 11 AM Thursday October 21st at 903 Pacific Ave. under Cover but Outdoors

Agenda Prospects  for Thursday’s (10-21) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting

Light rain and cool temperatures predicted as continue outdoor meetings in the Sub Rosa Courtyard.  Bundle Up.  

  Likely Agenda Topics:    

+++ A Lookback at the Reform-Free Regime of Andy Mills, SCPD Chief
      +++ HUFF Demands for a New Top Cop as Mills Sails Off
      +++ Petaluma Update–Monica T Martella’s Report
      +++ Backlook at the October 19th Supervisors Meeting and Upcoming October 26th Shitty Council and Stupes Meetings      

+++ Golflands Evictions and County’s Exclusive Armory Use      

+++ Implications of Rain and No Storage/Shelter Reports from Butler’s Bureaucrats      

+++ Arming the Future Against the Past:  Public Records Search for Missing Homeless Records
      +++ Friday October 22nd:  End Police Brutality Day      

+++ Saturday, October 23rd: Global Day of Education–Free Julian Assange
      +++ A Family Driven Away from Food Not Bombs–the Pressure Increases       +++ PhonePal Support As a Defense Against Winter Evictions

Research is still needed into:
      +++ Vehicle Code Vivisection: Defanging Hobohammer SCPD’s Haebe and Dustheart Deborah Elston’s favorite tools for stealing homeless homes–the so-called 72-hour “abandoned vehicle” fraud.
      +++ Record of Failed protections against Psychiatric Deportations, the record of Reiss hearing failures, dumping and forced drugging of the  “mentally ill”.  (Free Radio show still coming up on fighting forced drugging with attorney  Jim Gottstein & psych-survivor Roxanne Stewart-Johnson)
      +++ End of the Rent Moratoria and Unemployment Benefits–UCSC Returns: the Status of Rent Moratorium in Santa Cruz County?
      +++ Complaints by Goatguy Kevin regarding rental discrimination for office space–in search of protest

Santa Cruz Homeless Union and Coalition to Defend the Benchlands Still Meets 5 PM Friday 10-22 
October Street Sheet and Street Spirit newspapers STILL AVAILABLE.