HUFF beats the heat 11 AM Thursday June 23rd at the Sub Rosa Courtyard Considering Options and Picking Up Pieces After the Recent Shelter Emptyings

Concerns to Consider for this week’s (6-23-22) Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom Meeting    

  Possible Agenda Items (bring your own)  

      +++  Pass-Arounds, Announcements, Old Business,  Street Reports     

      +++  Handouts and History Asides    

      +++  Current Shelter Crisis and Mythology with Recent and Upcoming Closings

      +++  “Safe Parking” Stubble and Stumbling at Council 

      +++   Notes from Sausalito’s Robbie Powelson on Foul Marin County Moves Afoot

      +++  Tabling Downtown Supporting Benchlands & Other Independent Survival Camps–Still an Option 

      +++  Reggie Meisler Update by Phone on OO–Review of the Appeal; Status of Public Records Demand 

      +++  Food Not Bombs report and phone update  

      +++  Mad Power Committee Report (if any) 

      +++  Benchlands and Other Encampment Updates (if any)        

+++  Latest July Benchlands Clearing Declaration by City Manager:  (10 minutes into the file)

      +++  Fighting Back:  Role Playing, Documenting, and Solidarity Phoning to Fight Camping Ban Enforcement     

      +++ More Budget Boondoggle–if anyone made it to the Zoomed Budget Hearings