The 6-19-22 show Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides show streamed at yesterday and will archive at . soon. Contents: Food Not Bombs foolishness and Juneteenth Jawboning as well as a Flashback to December 4, 1995

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ON TODAY’S 6-19-2022 SHOW:  
     +++    “Whips for the Wicked” Wes White on the Poor People’s Campaign
    +++    White reports on California Homeless Coalition activists around the state.
     +++    Heidi/Cricket remembers Jamie Butler–a dead homeless woman from months or years ago.
     +++    6-12: Pacific Avenue Passthrough:  Journeying Joseph fiddles downtown.
     +++    6-12: Razor Ray on parklets, the vending laws and policed sweeps
     +++    6-12: Joseph H.T. the 3rd denounces Park and Recreation Ranger theft.
     +++    6-18: “Stand Up” Sarah B. returns to Santa Cruz and tells us what she sees.     

+++    6-18  Juneteenth jubilation at Louden Park: Debbie of Friends of the Library supports the burial of the library in a parking garage.      +++    6-18  More Juneteenthing:  Jean of UN Association & Benchlands Neighbors Updates us.     

+++    6-18  Lyrical Eye–the only black voice captured–recites and ruminates.     

+++    6-18  Encounter on Front street with mobility-challenged Alex
     +++   Scattered Throughout: Snappy Songs of Sparks-and-Sarcasm Social Significance from Dave Lippman from his album Food, Clothing, and Glaciers

FLASHBACK to June 13, 2004:

+++Support for the 200-300 person Coral St. Open Air Shelter where survival campers formed their own S.O.S. (Save Our Shelters) group
     +++   Co-Host John Stewart of Madhouse Exit joins Bathrobespierre Robert
     +++   Stewart and Norse field phone calls from Patrick Lancelin., Nutcracker Nick Whitehead (of Stop Police Abuse Now!) on Dealing with Disruptive Folks
     +++   The Disruptive Case of Crossroads/Crosswires Chris Brozda
     +++   Whitehead on the City’s toypoodle Citizens Police Review Board [CPRB]
     +++   Complaints against the Downtown “Hosts”     

+++   Norse on the History of the CPRB and SPAN     

+++   Attorney Ed Frey on his Recall Art Danner Campaign, the Congressional election, and Discrimination at Zanotto’s Grocery
     +++   Frey on Danner’s Cover-up of the Catherine Gardner case

Local Coastal Commission member Ryan Moroney ( and supposedly responsible staff member Kana Ford (Ford, Kiana@Coastal <>) are the contact persons to answer appropriate questions on when, where, and how the appeal should be supported.  As of 6-20, they’ve declined to answer specific questions, but should be contacted directly (with Public Records Act demands if necessary).

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